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The brand new track layout created a lot of buzz before the start of Round 6 at St. Louis. All the Formula Drift drivers stepped onto the track for the first time and onto a level playing field.


Friday Qualifying:

Qualifying runs were intense with all the drivers feeling out the new track. Ryan Litteral started off with a 78 point first run and then improved his score in his second run to 85 points placing him in a 16th seed for the following day. Jhonnattan Castro faced a bit of trouble in his first run resulting in an incomplete and 0 points, but he more than made up for it in his second run with a solid 82 points and into the 24th seed. Odi Bakchis ran a fantastic first run with 92 points and placed into the 7th seed. Piotr Wiecek scored a 91 point first run and improved his score to 94 on his second qualifying for 4th seed. James Deane scored an impressive high score 97 point initial first run giving him a first place seed for the following day.


Qualifying Round Results and Standings:

James Deane seeded 1st: 97 points

Piotr Wiecek seeded 4th: 94 points

Odi Bakchis seeded 7th: 92 points

Ryan Litteral seeded 16th: 85 points

Jhonnattan Castro seeded 24th: 82 points


Saturday Tandem Battles:

Tandem battles were heated the following day. Ryan Litteral faced off against Matt Coffman and unfortunately took an early exit. Jhonnattan Castro was able to win his first battle against Dean Kearney with an impressive run proceeding into top 16. He put on a great battle against Michael Essa in top 16, however was unable to keep it going. Odi Bakchis scored a win against Joao Barion to proceed to top 16, and followed up with another victory against Forrest Wang to take a place in top 8. He was on the way to the semifinals, but his winning streak was stopped by Fredric Aasbo, who would later finish 2nd in the overall event. Piotr Wiecek put on quite a show by winning against various tough opponents. He was able to defeat Kyle Mohan to proceed to top 16, following with another win against Kazuya Taguchi to enter the top 8. Following that victory, Piotr faced another tough battle against Vaughn Gittin, Jr. proceeding to the semifinals and then against fellow Team ARK Driver and Worthouse teammate, James Deane. Piotr was able to place 3rd overall and place on the podium. Ultimately, James Deane ended up winning and in the final round battled and won against Fredric Aasbo to place first in the event.

Round 5 Results and Standings:

James Deane – 2nd with 412 points

Piotr Wiecek – 3rd with 379 points

Odi Bakchis – 4th with 377 points

Jhonnattan Castro – 19th with 135 points

Ryan Litteral – 22nd with 120 points



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