FD: Texas 2019

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The last round before the end. The showdown before the final throw down.

Formula Drift Texas is the second to the last round of the season, and every driver was determined to see their ranking go up before they fight it out in Irwindale, California for the championship.


Friday, Sept 13: Qualifying Round

Friday featured a qualifying round that was unlike any other for the ARK Performance drifters. Jhonnattan Castro ran a first round of 80 points, and bought that score up to an 86. Ryan Litteral ran an impressive 88 point run. Piotr Wiecek’s first qualifying run was scored 97 points, which seeded him third for the following day’s tandem battles. Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis’ first run was scored 97 points with 94 points on his second run. He was seeded second for the following day.

James Deane was, to say the least, spectacular for the qualifying round. His first run scored 99 points, one point shy of a perfect score. To follow up on this near perfect score, Deane’s second run scored a perfect 100 point run. In all of Formula Drift history, there have been only two other drivers have managed to score a perfect score of 100 points. Deane’s performance seeded him first for the next day.

Qualifying Round Results and Standings:

James Deane seeded 1st: 100 points

Odi Bakchis seeded 2nd: 97 points

Piotr Wiecek seeded 3rd: 97 points

Ryan Litteral seeded 14th: 88 points

Jhonnattan Castro seeded 18th: 86 points



Saturday, Sept 14: Tandem Battles


The battles on Saturday were quite heat following a perfect run from James Deane. Ryan Litteral was able to advance into the top 16 before being stopped by other Team ARK driver, Piotr Wiecek. Piotr went to the top 8 before he was stopped by Fredric Aasbo. Odi Bakchis was able to advance to top 16, then, he went into the top 8 only to be stopped by Chelsea DeNofa, who eventually went on to win first this round. James Deane passed directly to the top 16 after seeding first and receiving a BYE run. His first battle was in top 16 against Matt Field, then Dai Yoshihara in top 8, before he met Chelsea DeNofa in the Final Battle. Although it was a tough battle, Chelsea was crowned the champion of FD Texas.


Round 5 Results and Standings:


James Deane – 1st with 498 points

Piotr Wiecek – 3rd with 431 points

Odi Bakchis – 4th with 430 points

Ryan Litteral – 19th with 154 points

Jhonnattan Castro – 20th with 152 points



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