Formula Drift 2019 Round 2: Orlando

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Coming off of some very hot action in Long Beach we arrive in Orlando to hot and humid weather. The Team ARK drivers looked to place as high as possible during the Qualifying Round while keeping the cars and themselves cool. There were some spectacular scores across the board with Team ARK drivers taking some top seed spots.


Qualifying Round on Friday April 26th:

Friday’s qualifying round began strong with all five drift drivers qualifying for Tandem Battles the following day.

Qualifying Round Results and Standings:

Piotr Wiecek seeded 3rd – 98 points

Odi Bakchis seeded 5th – 97 points

James Deane seeded 10nd – 97 points

Jhonnattan Castro seeded 21st – 89 points

Ryan Litteral seeded 25th - 87 points


Piotr Wiecek with a 98 point qualifying run on Friday (Photo by: Larry Chen)

Ryan Litteral kicking up a spectacular cloud of tire smoke during his qualifying run



Pro Standings after Round 2 Orlando:

Competition day was hot not just in temperature but also hot with fierce tandem battles. Half of the Team ARK drivers were able to make it into the top 16, and, after the smoke cleared, it was Odi Bakchis who, once again, led the way to win first place. All the Team ARK Drivers put forth their best efforts coming off of Long Beach into this round and are gearing up for the next round at Road Atlanta, an iconic track in Formula Drift. Continuing a very strong momentum into the second round, Odi Bakchis keeps the number one spot in the overall standings for this 2019 season.


Round 2 Results and Standings:

Odi Bakchis leading 1st with 206 points with a First Place Podium Finish

Piotr Wiecek – 5th with 104 points

James Deane – 11th with 87 points

Ryan Litteral – 19th with 50 points

Jhonnattan Castro – 20th with 35 points

Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis with another first place finish (Photo by: Alex Wong)

Battle of the Toyota 86's with Jhonnattan Castro and Ken Gushi in the first round of Top 32 (Photo by: Louis Yio)

Piotr Wiecek battling it out with Michael Essa in the top 16 (Photo by: Larry Chen)

James Deane against Chris Forsberg in the Top 16 (Photo by: Larry Chen)

Ryan Litteral lead driving against Forrest Wang in the first round of Top 32

Odi Bakchis against Vaughn Gitten Jr. in the Semifinals (Photo by: Alex Wong)



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