Formula Drift Round 5: Seattle

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The second half of Formula Drift 2019 kicked off with a roar in the northwest at Monroe, Washington. All of the Team ARK drivers did a great job this round, pulling off high qualifying scores and nabbing the first and second place podium finish.


Friday Qualifying:

Friday featured numerous qualifying scores with Piotr Wiecek and James Deane taking first and second in qualifying points with 98 and 95 respectively seeding 1st and 2nd. After scoring 79 point in the first run, Ryan Litteral showed a fantastic second qualifying run with a season best score of 92, seeding him 9th. Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis scored a fantastic 91 points bringing his seeding to 13th place. Despite a slight setback with his first run, Jhonnattan Castro was able to bring back a qualifying score of 87 points putting him the 19th seed for the next day.


Qualifying Round Results and Standings:

Piotr Wiecek seeded 1st: 98 points

James Deane seeded 2nd: 95 points

Ryan Litteral seeded 9th: 92 points

Odi Bakchis seeded 13th: 91 points

Jhonnattan Castro seeded 19th: 87 points

Ryan Litteral with an impressive 92 point run.



Odi Bakchis coming in with an impressive run.


Jhonnattan Castro in his iconic Toyota 86


Piotr Wiecek seeding first with an impressive 98 points out of 100.


Saturday Tandem Battles:

The following day featured many fierce tandem battles. Piotr and James were seeded high enough to get through with a first round BYE. Despite a great battle, Ryan Litteral was unfortunately knocked out of the top 16 by Travis Reeder. Odi Bakchis was able to advance past the top 32 by winning against Dirk Stratton. Jhonnatton Castro was unable to advance against Dylan Hughes.

Three drivers advanced into the top 16: Piotr Wiecek, James Deane, and Odi Bakchis. Odi Bakchis faced against Dai Yoshihara, but despite a tough battle, Odi was unable to proceed into the top 8. Dai Yoshihara would go on to win third in this round. Piotr was able to advance against Matt Coffman in the top 16, and then he was able to defeat Michael Essa in the top 8. James Deane faced off against rival Fredric Aasbo in the top 16, getting a win. He followed up with a win in the top 8 against Justin Pawlak.

In the semi-finals, Piotr and James were one battle away from facing each other in the finals. Piotr was able to score a win against Dai Yoshihara, and James fought a great battle against Christ Forsberg.

The fated final battle between two teammates James Deane and Piotr Wiecek was finally underway. After a very close first battle, the judges declared a one more time run, forcing the two into another battle. Piotr was ultimately able to pull off a win against James placing him first and James Deane in second.


Round 5 Results and Standings:

Odi Bakchis – 2nd with 326 points

Piotr Wiecek – 3rd with 312 points

James Deane – 4th with 326 points

Ryan Litteral – 20th with 102 points

Jhonnattan Castro – 22nd with 102 points



The final battle between the two Worthouse Drivers: James Deane and Piotr Wiecek

FD Round 5 Podium: Piotr Wiecek at first place, James Deane in second place, and Daijiro Yoshihara in third place.


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