Legato V2 Carbon Fiber Hood on Red Kia Stinger

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Legato V2 Hoods for Kia Stinger

New and Improved:

ARK Performance is excited to announce the all new updated Legato V2 Hoods for the Kia Stinger.

Improved upon the original best selling Legato hood designs for the Kia Stinger, these new Legato V2 hoods include a free removeable rain guard, additional structural support in the functional center vent, and a new Forged Carbon material option. Fitment has been improved from the original Legato Hood, so there will be minimal to no adjustments required. 


Same Material Inside / Out:

The hoods are dual layered in their respective material which means the hoods are constructed of its unique material both inside and out. This means a lighter weight hood that does not sacrifice structural integrity.


Removeable Rain Guards:

Each Legato V2 Hood includes easily removeable rain guards made in the same material as the rest of the hood. These rain guards only require a commonly available Phillips head screwdriver to secure under your hood.

Legato V2 Hood Removeable Rain Guard


New Materials:

The Legato V2 Hoods are be available in three unique materials to help style and complete the perfect build. Select between Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, and Forged Carbon materials.

Fiberglass (unpainted)
Legato V2 Fiber Glass Hood
Carbon Fiber
Forged Carbon


Each Legato V2 Hood includes the hood itself, bolts for the hood hinge, and the rain guard with screws. Please use additional hood pins to ensure additional safety. This item is in stock and available to ship now.

Click here to purchase yours right now.

Legato V2 Carbon Fiber Hood on Red Kia StingerLegato V2 Carbon Fiber Hood on Red Kia StingerLegato V2 Carbon Fiber Hood on Red Kia Stinger



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