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ARK GR Supra DT-S Exhaust

The GR Supra is the hottest car to come out in 2020 taking the aftermarket by storm. The 3.0L B58 is a powerhouse of an engine platform with enormous potential and tunability. Out of the box the GR Supra comes with 336whp, with the updated B58 in the 2021 models bolstering 382whp, and an 8 speed automatic transmission that shifts lightning quick. This car is a beast straight from the factory and as such we needed to release an exhaust that would be worthy of the platform.

Enter the DT-S exhaust. 3-inch stainless steel piping carries the unrefined sound from the B58’s downpipe straight to a rear mounted resonator and muffler where drone dies and sound gets cleaned up to give you a louder, deeper, and more desirable tone. Our dual layered tips are proven to help give that edge with providing a cleaner, better sound with no rasp. This exhaust is also versatile in regard to downpipe options; the factory downpipe will suffice for most but if you want that real raw, aggressive sound that a full blown race exhaust gives, then pair our DT-S with an aftermarket downpipe for extravagant results. 


  • T304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3.0 Inch Piping
  • Use of the valvetronic system
  • Single muffler & resonator design
  • 4.5 Inch Dual Layer Tips
  • Polished or burnt tip options

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